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Island Chrisi | Best Exotic Beach of Europe | Top 10 Greece Crete Island Chrisi | Best Exotic Beach of Europe | Top 10 Greece Crete
19 December,2013

Island Chrisi | Best Exotic Beach of Europe | Top 10 Greece Crete

Island Chrisi | Best Exotic Beach of Europe | Top 10 Greece Crete

Chrissi Island or Gaidouronisi situated eight miles south of Ierapetra , in off the Libyan ocean. it's a flat island noted for its tropical waters of exhausting the whole color palette of blue and inexperienced ,  the protected forest of enormous cedars and juniper the thousands of broken shells that create the pink sand .

The individuals of Ierapetra love this island and decision it merely "the island" . it's aforesaid that before years Gianni Agnelli, president of Ferrari, needed to shop

for the island for do resort . fortuitously the locals revolted and therefore the island remained "free" .The Gold gets its name from the golden sand has lined all the island primarily from shivers thousand shells . the second Gaidouronisi name comes from the very fact that previous donkey World Health Organization growing previous in Ierapetra , the Ierapetritis him brought home to died .The tropical beaches swamped daily by many Guests with excursion boats effort the Ierapetra within the morning and returning within the afternoon . Golden has been declared space of outstanding natural beauty and is strictly prohibited camping and night . conjointly refused entry into cedar forest , that has been diagrammatical with rope , and therefore the assortment of sand and shell .The boat from Ierapetra can leave when fifty ' trip to side of the island , wherever

there's the sole port in position Vougiou Eye . There 's a eating house wherever you'll be able to relish your food .Next there's the South Beach wherever you'll be able to swim and relax underneath the umbrellas . on the shores of the Golden there ar alternative tiny bays with sand and stones , that you'll be able to discover for yourself .The most widespread beach is found on the side of the island , wherever is reached by a brief walk from the harbor , crossing the attractive cedar forest . when five ' can take you to the most beach of the island , the Belegrina or otherwise Golden Sand . The Belegrina is jam-packed with broken shells and therefore the water is crystal clear , powerfully harking back to the beaches Caribbean . it is a bit organized with umbrellas and a canteen wherever you'll be able to get drinks. The water is shallow and great clarity. If you walk west from Belegrina , succeeding beach you may encounter is Hatzivolakas . Here things become calmer , whereas the beach is additional rocky. Nature altogether its glory , with massive cedars over two hundred years to go around .West of Hatzivolakas have detected traces of Minoan settlement

that flourished from the trade of purple , that precious red dye came from shells and wont to dye royal machine. there's round the corner and therefore the tiny church of St. Nicholas , a sea dog lake and therefore the tower on the island .If  the Belegrina walk to the east , then you may end up in beach face to face , that appearance " in person" the island Mikronisi . Mikronisi located east of Golden and is shelter thousands of birds . The beach is less spectacular than those the north aspect , however way more secluded . The water is shallow and not exceed 5m as Mikronisi , creating them ideal for mask .

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