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The island of Crete

The island of Crete is located in the centre of the eastern Mediterranean. It is the crossroad that links three cultures, Africa, Asia and Europe.Aristotle is still timely, referring to Crete he said, ''Crete has the best climate to live. It is neither too cold neither too hot''.

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Holidays in Greece

There is a Grecian holiday diamond just right for you and of course, a welcome that is as warm as the climate. With stunning beaches, traditional tavernas, ancient ruins, and vibrant routes.You can be certain that there is a holiday greek island with a character and atmosphere that suits to you as a sweet stain at your heart.

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Elounda Holidays

Elounda is ideal for people who want a seaside holiday in a place which is neither too busy nor too isolated.The earliest recorded settlement at Elounda was the ancient Greek city of Olous.The archaeological site of Olous is submerged near Elounda's salt flats and can still be seen today.

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Unique sea view holiday houses in the greek island of Crete!

Magic swimming pool villas at Elounda at Mirabello bay!

Vacations of style to remember!


Best Things to see in Greece 

The land of Greece is one instilled with ancient mythology and if you prefer archaeology, history, art, and philosophy then a visit to the present fascinating country isn't to be uncomprehensible. Greece is formed from a series of idyllic islands that are encircled by blue seas and lined in dainty white buildings, and you'll conjointly notice crumbling ruins, partaking museums, and pretty coastal cities aplenty.

From tender cities like Athens to a slower pace of life in very little villages by the ocean, Greece may be a mosaic of various experiences and landscapes, yet joined of the world’s largest outside museums.Here are the most incredible things to try in Greece

  1. Acropolis 

    If you're in Greece this can be most likely the landmark to not miss and therefore the remains of this astonishing civilisation, made of sparkly marble, once was the spot of the unique sculpture of Pallas Athena was conjointly the femane god of Athens.

    Anyone remotely curious about ancient architectural design will be amazed at the Doric columns and therefore the spectacular temples and the citadel is lined with pathways that allow you walk around at your leisure and revel in the highlight of the gorgeous monumen that is that the Parthenon.

  2. Delphi 

    Delphi has the claim to fame of being a Unesco diamond site yet joined of the highest attractions of the world.Delphi sits on the edges of Liakoura and was a preferred pilgrim's journey spot within the days of recent for people who would return here to pay respect to Phoebus, the traditional Greek god of healing, music, light, and prophecy.Followers would return here to hunt steerage from the Oracle at Delphi and today you'll notice temples, a magnificent a sports arena, a theater, and thrilling ancient ruins.Delphi is found around a hundred and eighty kilometers  from the capital town of Athens, therefore this makes an honest place to return if you would like to induce out of the town and explore a unique experience of Greece.

Elounda holiday Villa, the 'Almond Tree Villa 1'is overflowing of positive energy! This villa is located at Eastern Crete at Elounda, at the slopes of Mirabello gulf, on the Greek gem, the isle of Crete. Crete, known as Kreta, Creta, Kriti, from the ancient times was considered to have the best climate of the ''known world''. According to Aristotle , the geographical position of Kreta is perfect.  

Island Chrisi | Best Exotic Beach of Europe | Top 10 Greece Crete

Chrissi Island or Gaidouronisi situated eight miles south of Ierapetra , in off the Libyan ocean. it's a flat island noted for its tropical waters of exhausting the whole color palette of blue and inexperienced ,  the protected forest of enormous cedars and juniper the thousands of broken shells that create the pink sand .

Crete is a lot of sort of a tiny country than another Greek island. It’s not simply Greece’s largest island, however arguably its most fascinating and numerous. Its outstanding history is obvious across the island, from the ruins of the Minoan palace of Knossos to the Venetian fortresses of Rethymo;


Spinalonga (in Greek: Σπιναλόγκα), officially known as Kalydon (Καλυδών), is located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete, in Lasithi prefecture, next to the town of Elounda. It is near the Spinalonga peninsula ("large Spinalonga") - which often causes confusion as the same name is used for both. The official Greek name of the island today is Kalydon

Agios Nikolaos Island of Crete

(or Aghios Nikolaos, Greek: Άγιος Νικόλαος) is a coastal town on the Greek island of Crete, lying east of the island's capital Heraklion, north of the town of Ierapetra and west of the town of Sitia. In the years 2000, the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, including the surrounding villages, consists of around 19,000 inhabitants. The town is a municipality of Crete region, and sits partially upon the ruins of the ancient city of Lato to Kamara

Elounda village and the Island of Crete

Elounda (in Greek: Ελούντα), alternative transliterations (Elounta or Elouda), is a small fishing town on the northern coast of the island of Crete, Greece. It is part of the municipality of Agios Nikolaos. Elounda is located in east Crete, north of Agios Nikolaos and south of the seaside resort of Plaka. Elounda was once a picturesque fishing village in the lovely Mirabello Bay. The inhabitants lived from farming, fishing, salt extraction from the Venetian saltpans, and emery mining


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Traditional villas in Elounda

The villas are situated in the settlement of Mavrikiano - Elounda 70 km from Iraklion International Airport , while the villas are to be found within the village of Vrouhas 80 klm from the Airport and/ or 10 km from the town of Elounda.

Dorana hotel Karpathos

Dorana Studios are located at Diafani which is at the Northern part of Karpathos. According to most people this area is the most ideal place for relaxation and walks.



nights = 6 nights + 1 Free night |Pay for 6 - stay for 7 nights|  depending on availability.

14 nights = 12 nights + 2 Free nights |Pay for 12 - stay for 14 nights and enjoy the Island of Crete.


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Chania is the capital of Chania Prefecture. The town lies on the north coast of west Crete, the most interesting and beautiful greek island of Crete.

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