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The island of Crete

The island of Crete is located in the centre of the eastern Mediterranean. It is the crossroad that links three cultures, Africa, Asia and Europe.Aristotle is still timely, referring to Crete he said, ''Crete has the best climate to live. It is neither too cold neither too hot''.

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Holidays in Greece

There is a Grecian holiday diamond just right for you and of course, a welcome that is as warm as the climate. With stunning beaches, traditional tavernas, ancient ruins, and vibrant routes.You can be certain that there is a holiday greek island with a character and atmosphere that suits to you as a sweet stain at your heart.

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Elounda Holidays

Elounda is ideal for people who want a seaside holiday in a place which is neither too busy nor too isolated.The earliest recorded settlement at Elounda was the ancient Greek city of Olous.The archaeological site of Olous is submerged near Elounda's salt flats and can still be seen today.

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Rethymnon city picturesque port Rethymnon city picturesque port
09 November,2013

Rethymnon town of the Island of Crete

Rethymnon Town | Island of Crete

Rethymnon is a small town of Greece , of the island of Crete.The town has about 40,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Prefecture of the same name and it is built between Chania town and Heraklio city.

Rethymno,  is also called Rethymnon and Rhithymnos. It was built in antiquity of the ancient Rithimna and Arsinoe ,However, was sufficient enought to cut their own coins and maintain the urban development. These coins depict the city today , a symbol of two dolphins in a circle .

Rethymnon and historical facts

This whole area has a rich ancient history , particularly concentrated in the east by the Minoan civilization. Rethymno itself began a period of growth , when the Venetian conquerors of the island decided to intermediate commercial Heraklion and Chania between bishops and nobles to get yourself in the process . The Old Town is almost entirely built by the Venetians . It is the best preserved old towns in Crete one .

Venice rule

The town still maintains its old aristocratic appearance , the building dates back to the 16th century, arched doorways , stone staircases, Byzantine and Greek - Roman remains , small Venetian harbor and narrow streets . Venetian Loggia in the Ministry of Culture has information office . A wine festival held once a year in early July . Another festival to commemorate the destruction of Arkadi Monastery , held on November 7-8 .Venice during the Acropolis, Fortezza , is one of Crete 's best preserved castles . Other monuments include the mosque Neratzes that serves as
Ambassador City Art Center , giant (glass) doors, the Rimondi square and loggia . The town in 1646 and also captured the Turks ruled for nearly 300 years .

The Battle of Crete

In the Battle of Crete, 20-30 May 1941, Rethymno battle fought between Australia and Greece, German paratrooper and advantages. Although initially unsuccessful, Germany won the battle from Maleme in the northwestern part of the island after receiving assistance.

The Modern town Rethymno

Rethymno today, the town's main income comes from tourism, many new facilities have been built in the past 20 years. Agriculture is also important , especially in oil and other Mediterranean products. This is also the School of Philosophy and Social and Political Science Department of the University of Crete and University Library has 8,000 students on campus each year "Galos", the basis of which the Institute of Mediterranean Studies.

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